A Legacy of Kindness

We've mastered combining composed live-action with unique direction, story-telling, camera tricks, and visual effects.

⸺ Creative Brief

For donor recognition purposes, the University will acknowledge the generous contributions from Mr. Lin Tah Hwa and his wife, Mrs. Lucy Lin, towards three schools and a named center.

⸺ Concept Development

In lieu of conventional talking heads, we opted for a storytelling approach using emotive voice-over narration by the protagonists, complemented by meticulously planned slow-motion shots crafted during our pre-production phase. Every detail, from the script and locations to wardrobe choices, was deliberately considered.

⸺ Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

We ensured that the scriptwriting for each cast member's voice narration was meticulously crafted to effectively convey the emotions inherent in their story.

⸺ Location Scouting

Our location options were restricted due to the busy schedules of the cast, necessitating us to make the most of the available locations with strategic effort.

⸺ Video Production

In total, the project spanned approximately four weeks, encompassing scriptwriting, storyboarding, filming, and post-production phases.

⸺ Colour Grading

We opted for a subtle orange and green tint to infuse the film with a warm ambiance.